Formed in early 2013 in Perth Australia, SANZU is a unique beast that has unleashed heavy music in a way that utilizes diversity and originality that doesn't cause itself to stray to far from it's death metal foundation. SANZU has formed a unique presence. Guitar riffs like melodic saw blades meets savage bass along with powerful drumming to form a rhythm section that thunders and grooves in unison with unrestrained vocal assaults close to a beast made of GOJIRA and earlier MORBID ANGEL. 

SANZU 's critically acclaimed Australian only releases ' Heavy Over The Home' full length and 'Painless' ep tracks as bonuses are now gathered into one disc with an updated lay out. 
Press has already been roaring worldwide claiming the band as new leaders in the death metal genre : 

"Very much in the same vein as bands like Morbid Angel and Gojira, Sanzu’s Heavy Over the Home is the kind of album that’s so weighty and forceful you feel as though you might be flattened just listening to it; it’s beyond marching elephants, it’s elephants marching on top of you. Now THAT is heavy !" - METALSUCKS (US)

"On ‘Heavy Over The Home’, clever progressive elements collide with the ferocity and savagery of traditional death metal, allowing Sanzu to craft make one of the most invigorating and engaging records this year, locally or otherwise." - KILLYOURSTEREO.COM (AUST)

"Heavy Over The Home is one of the sensations of this year-end 2015 and Sanzu launched their career with a bang, with an incredibly heavy first album, do not miss Sanzu !" - VS-webzine (FRA)

"The overall package provides one of the heaviest, deepest, and most intimately rewarding (not to mention crushing) listening experiences I’ve had all year, Let’s hear it for Sanzu… the undisputed masters of Southern Hemisphere Hydro-Groove" - NOCLEANSINGING (US)

'Perth death metal prodigies storm into pole position' - TEAMROCK.COM (UK)

SANZU is quickly becoming an extremely promising death metal force to be reckoned with.