PSYCROPTIC // PERTH w/ SANZU + Xenobiotic + guest


Image of PSYCROPTIC // PERTH w/ SANZU + Xenobiotic + guest

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Tasmania is known for two things; the Tasmanian Devil and having produced one of the leaders of the modern death metal scene, Psycroptic. Since their formation in 1999, the band have constantly evolved and broken through the boundaries that the genre can sometimes impose upon itself. With the release of their seventh studio album, As The Kingdom Drowns, an album of riff-filled, technical ecstasy, Psycroptic just may have outdone the devil. Psycroptic will be touring Australia this Nov/Dec

Saturday, 15 December 2018 from 19:30-23:30
Badlands Bar
1/3 Aberdeen Street, Perth, Western Australia 6000

“It’s always a challenge to continue to evolve as a band, while staying true to the path you've chosen to walk on,” notes drummer D. Haley. “With As The Kingdom Drowns we all pushed each other outside of our usual comfort zones, and didn't settle for the easy way out. I’m super proud of everyone’s hard work and dedication to the project; it turned out to be one hell of a catchy riff filled album.”


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